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50mL Self Standing Centrifuge Tubes  50ML Self-Standing Centrifuge Tubes
  • Available in Sterile or Metal Free non-sterile
  • Centrifuge tubes are all leak-resistant
  • Tubes have a marking area and volume level graduations
  • 30mm diameter and 115mm height
  • Autoclavable (without the screw cap)
  • Tube is made from Polypropylene
  • Cap is made from High Density Polyethylene 
     PFA 50mL High Temperature Digestion Tubes High Temperature Digestion Tubes
    • 50 ml Graduation
    • PFA Construction
    • 260°C Maximum Operable Temperature
    • Collared for Racks
    • Included Polypropylene Cap
    • Optional PFA Cap
    • Opaque Construction Allowing for Easy Liquid Level Readings